Which material suits you?

Being able to choose is important and that is why we offer a choice of different metals and finishes.

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Vilket material passar dig?

Valfrihet är viktigt och därför kan du välja mellan olika metaller och ytor.
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Red/Yellow gold

As gold is so soft, it must always be alloyed (mixed) with other metals in order to be worked with. 24 carat (K), 24 K indicates a content of pure gold; 18 K contains 75 % pure gold; 14 K contains 58.5 % pure gold and 9 K contains 37.5 % pure gold.

Up until 1988, it was only permissible to sell gold with a minimum content of 18 K. Now, even 14 K and less is sold. When gold is alloyed with copper and silver, it becomes a red-yellow color. In Scandinavia, our tradition prefers a redder nuance to that of Southern Europe, where a more yellow tone dominates. However, both can be 18 carat.

Rött guld

White gold

Schalins' white gold contains 16 % palladium. A white gold ring can, via a catalytic process, be plated with a layer of rhodium. This is known as 'rhodium flashing'. This results in an even whiter finish to the color of the white gold.

Vitt guld

Pink gold

You can also get many of our ring models in pink gold. A fine tinting for red and white gold and works particularly well for two-colour rings. Pink gold alloy has all the positive characteristics normal gold has and has become highly appreciated for its colour.

Rosa guld


Palladium is a "new" old precious metal, as far as the jewellery industry is concerned. Initially, it was used as an alternative to white gold. Palladium has become very valued in recent years. It has similar properties to platinum and white gold, but is significantly less expensive.

Our palladium is an alloy known as Palladium 500 and consists of 50 % pure palladium and the remainder of silver.



Silver is the most used precious metal and is popular in the manufacture of jewellery, thanks to properties such as its beautiful white color.

Our silver rings are made to the highest quality, Silver 935.



New and exciting - the rings of the future. Titanium is a light material that has a completely different feel; it is light on the finger but has a hard surface, and a beautiful grey color. One of the positive properties of titanium is that it is non-allergenic. So, if you are especially sensitive, titanium is a good choice.


Which finish suits you?

Give your ring a personal touch. You have the chance to personalise your ring by selecting a different surface than the original.

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Vilka ytor passar dig?

Vem är du under ytan? Sätt en egen prägel på din ring genom att visa upp utsidan med en personlig yta.

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Surface No: 2

A buffed finish, slightly coarser than a sandblasted finish. One of the more durable finishes.


Surface No: 3

The finish with the coarsest structure. An extremely durable finish that gives the ring a shine.


Surface No: 4

The surface of the ring is sandblasted to give a matte finish. Looks like matte silk.


Surface No: 5

Our most popular finish. The matte silk appearance suits titanium rings in particular. What you need to know is that this kind of flat polishing does not last for ever but has to be maintained.


Surface No: 6

Hand brushed to produce an irregular structure. A good choice if you want a more natural matte finish.


Surface No: 7

Hand brushed but unlike normal diamond brushing the structure of the finish is straighter.


Surface No: 8

Polished by hand, but unlike regular diamond polishing, the surface has a more linear structure.

Diamantborstning rak

Surface No: 9

Genuine craftsmanship! Each blow of the hammer is individual. So you can be quite sure nobody else’s ring has a finish like yours.



Every part of the pattern is grinded by hand. So you can be absolutely sure no one else has quite the same surface as you.



Each groove is grinded by hand and has a rough and durable surface.



Every part of the pattern is grinded by hand. This surface has a clean and clear charm, you can be absolutely sure no one else has quite the same surface as you.