The success stories of Lars Wallin and Schalins basically begin in the same way: in the making of jewelry. Lars began his career at the County Administrative Board in the city of Västerås, where he designed, manufactured and sold jewelry to his female co-workers, rather than doing filing which was his appointed task – passion prevails. Schalins started out a bit earlier and a bit farther to the north in Sweden, where the family’s hard work helped their business to flourish. For close to 70 years their furnaces have melted precious metals that Schalins’ master craftsmen transform into the tiny works of art that adorn so many Swedish fingers.

And this is exactly what attracted Lars Wallin. “I liked the idea of a Swedish family-run company, with its production in Sweden, using Swedish raw materials and craftsmanship”, Lars says. “It reflects my own convictions regarding quality and durable design as opposed to the wear- and-tear attitudes permeating so many aspects of modern society.” So, the basic elements of this exciting joint venture have been in place for a long time: a shared and uncompromising belief in quality and an endless passion for craftsmanship. Welcome to what may very well be one of the most exciting unions in the world of jewelry.